What is Web Programming

What is Web Programming

There are different areas of programming. One of them is web programming for developing web projects. The various websites we visit every day are developed by web programmers.

As of January 1, 2020, there are 1,744,517,326 websites in the world, according to WebsiteHostingRating.com. And this number is growing by the hour, not by the day. Of course, the requirements for websites are also increasing. If in the past the needs of users were met by simple static sites, now they are replaced by more complex dynamic sites.

Static and dynamic sites

Static sites consist of unchanging pages. When users request such sites from their browsers, the server provides a ready-made HTML document. Such sites are usually designed to promote a person or product, to present technical documentation. Today it is possible to come across a few static sites.

Dynamic sites consist of changing pages. Such pages are not ready to be stored on the server, they are re-arranged each time according to the requests and requirements of users. Examples of dynamic sites that are more functional are online stores, ad sites, forums, and sites based on user content.

Technologies used

Web programming is done by developing special software tools called scripts. These software tools are divided into two main types: server and client. Server scripts are executed on the server side, ie on the computer where the site is located. Execution of these scripts takes place before the site is downloaded to the user's computer. Client scripts are executed on the user's computer after downloading the site. Dynamic sites use both client and server scripts.

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